Basic Certificate Award Criteria

The Basic Certificate is the first award in our program, and introduces you to some action in the five leaf areas. You should complete the Basic Certificate or Eco-Worship Award first to move on to the advanced level awards.

Earning the Basic Certificate is easy, there are just seven steps:

Eco Church Building

Step One:

Conduct an Energy Audit

At this stage, this does not need to be professional energy audit, just a simple survey by a member of your church.

To make it simpler for congregations, we are developing a new Simple Energy Audit Checklist. Please assist us by beta-testing this resource, and letting us know your feedback – including how easy it was to use, and how long the checklist took you to complete.

Electronic or Printable version (Word doc 279kb)       

Step Two:

Take three actions to reduce your resource use.

For example:

Change to more efficient lights (CFL’s, LEDs)

Install timers on hot water units

Seal up drafts to keep heat in

Switch to GreenPower

Install a water tank

Switch to 100% post-consumer recycled paper

Step Three:

Run two behaviour change campaigns.

Advertise how to use your new compost scheme

Put reminders to switch lights off above switches

Remind people to report leaks

Print the church newsletter in duplex (both sides)

To Enter Provide Evidence of:

  • audit conducted
  • 3 energy reduction measures
  • 2 behaviour change campaigns

Eco Congregation

Step Four:

Provide at least two resources for members of your church to take action in their own lives outside the church.

Some of the things you can do include:

Providing regular tips on being environmentally friendly in the church notice sheet or newsletter

Establish a church environmental group

Conduct or promote a sustainability workshop

Organise a carpool to church

To Enter:

Send in copies of the two resources provided.*

*Tips in newsletters can only count once

Eco Worship

Step Five:

Conduct a worship service around the environment

Some things you can do:

– Sing songs with an environmental theme

– Use native flowers in the flower arrangements

Have a sermon on:

– Consumerism

– Creation

– Creation Care

– Creation’s Redemption

Use a video or DVD on any environmentally friendly topic

For resources to get started see the Season of Creation website or contact your state or national church leadership to see what resources they have available.

To Enter:

Send in your order of service

Eco Outreach

Step Six:

Conduct one ‘green’ event.

For example:

Organise a meeting of church representatives to visit your local MP on an environmental issue.

– Have a ‘Green Film Night’

– Hold a panel discussion or debate on an environmental issue

– Host a community event with an environmental theme

– Organise a forum for the local community on an environmental issue

– Conduct a letter writing night at your church

To enter:

Send in a record of your event

Community Leadership

Step Seven:

Conduct a special project to demonstrate your commitment.

For example, Port Melbourne Uniting Church (VIC) created an organic community garden.

To Enter:

Send in an outline of your project

Checklist for submission

1. Copy of your energy audit

2.Evidence of 3 resource use reduction measures

3. Evidence of 2 behaviour change campaigns

4.  Copies of the two resources for the congregation

5.Copy of the Order of Service for the Eco-Worship Service

6.  Evidence of your eco- event

7. Outline of your project

Want to see how it’s done? Click here to read about how Port Melbourne Uniting Church earned their Basic Certificate:

Five Leaf Basic Certificate Example Port Melbourne

Once you have completed the above steps, please include your responses in this form:

2016 Five Leaf Eco-Awards Full Assessment of Application Form PDF (237kB)

Or just send us a list of what your church has done.

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Interested in doing more?

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