Bible Study Resources

It can be hard to find good environment themed Bible Studies online. Here are some places to start:

Free and Recommended

Let There Be Stuff (Story of Stuff)

6 sessions: Caring for Creation, The Story of Stuff, An unfortunate creation story, don’t buy it, waste not, going forth.

Living Faithfully in a Changing Climate (TEAR Australia)

3 sessions: Earth, Effects, Enough

Planetwise by Dave Bookless

6 Week Bible Study Course: Changing our world view, creation, creation’s groaning, the land, Jesus – Saviour of the world, the new Creation.

Living Humbly, Living Hopefully by Paul Chalson

3 weeks: Placing ourselves within Creation, Living humbly, Living hopefully (contact Paul or Jess for a copy)

Sustainability Bible Studies by Bill Loader

4 sessions: Earth, Air, Fire, Water

To Buy:

Hot Gospel: Good News for a warming planet by Ian Robinson

6 sessions connecting Mission and climate change

Breath of Life: Growing Closer to God & Growing a Secure Community by Loving Creation by Rev Dele

See also:

Lent Event – Uniting World

Common Grace Reflections

TEAR Renew Our World

Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable Living

Darwin, Divinity and the Dance of the Cosmos by Bruce Sanguin

Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable Living 2007 Nick Spencer and Robert White

The Green Bible – papers at the beginning of the book

Green Churches Canada

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