Eco Outreach Leaf Award

Outline: Environmentally friendly current and new outreach programs

For this level your church’s outreach programs must be as ecologically friendly as possible (and demonstrate the steps taken) and they must have at least one environment focused outreach program. For example, if your church runs a soup kitchen they should endeavour to grow as much of the produce themselves as possible (either at the church or in members of the congregation’s gardens); or you should purchase environmentally friendly produce (locally sourced, organic or environmentally conscious production, free range, permaculture, Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance).

Some new outreach programs that your church could start include adopting a road or piece of bushland to maintain, participating in bushland restoration projects, assisting with waste management at the local market, holding sustainability education meetings for the community, leading or contributing to environmental political campaigns.  Your program does not have to be an entirely new idea, but it must be new for your church.


  1. Demonstrate that you have made your outreach/mission programs as ecologically friendly as possible.
  2. Submit a report outlining your environmentally focused outreach program, what it hopes to achieve, and how it is going so far.

Record your progress:

2016 Five Leaf Eco-Awards Full Assessment of Application Form Word version (81kB)

2016 Five Leaf Eco-Awards Full Assessment of Application Form PDF (237kB)

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