Climate Activism Award

The Climate Activism Award is an encouragement award for churches who demonstrate a commitment to campaigning and activism for real action on climate change.

To earn this award, we ask that churches show:

a) That a significant portion of their congregation (not just one or two members) have been involved in at least two different climate campaigns or actions (per year) for more than one year.

b) Are displaying a banner or permanent sign supporting climate action and/or creation care to show their commitment to their local community.

c) They have engaged directly with politicians (local, state or federal) in their pursuit of real climate action (for example by meeting with MPs or letter writing).

Please submit photos and a story of the actions you have undertaken by email.

Berry Uniting Church hold their climate action banner.
Your church’s involvement in Common Grace’s Knit for Climate/Show Your Stripes Campaign is one example of a campaign that could count towards this award.

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