Eco Congregation Leaf Award

Outline: members of the congregation are demonstrably involved in environmentally friendly activities

For this level, please provide evidence that at least 40% of your congregation has switched to green power or installed alternative energy sources in their homes (eg. solar panels). Please also demonstrate moves by the congregation to share food or possessions (clothing, books), to commit to ethical consumption and production practices (purchasing of fair trade products or other ethical brands, growing your own food and making your own clothes) and to reduce the environmental impact of your travel to and from church.


We recommend that your church establishes a “Green Book” in which members of the congregation can record their environmentally friendly decisions and actions. This can then be submitted to the auditor to assess qualification for the Leaf Award. Churches are also encouraged to invite members of the congregation up to give their testimonies of the green actions they have taken during your church announcements to encourage other members.

Record your progress:

2016 Five Leaf Eco-Awards Full Assessment of Application Form PDF (237kB)

2016 Five Leaf Eco-Awards Full Assessment of Application Form Word version (81kB)

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