Eco Church Building Leaf Award

Outline: Environmental Audit and Meeting Resource Use Targets

Please conduct a detailed audit of your property to determine base levels of use in the following areas:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Waste
  • Paper

We recommend that this is completed by a trained professional.

There are two components to this award. Firstly, you must meet the following reduction targets. Secondly, you must demonstrate at least four campaigns targeted at creating behaviour change in your congregation’s activities at church. Reduction targets and behaviour change will be measured against their baselines (behaviour data will be set by survey at the start of the program and resource use set in an audit at start of the award process).

Reduction Targets:

  • Electricity Use – 30% reduction to earn the award, then an extra 10% reduction every two years.
  • Water Use – 20% to earn the award, with demonstrated decrease until practical limit is obtained
  • Gas – 10% reduction to earn the award, with continuing decrease.
  • Waste – 40% reduction, with continuing decrease
  • Paper- Switch all copy paper, paper towels and toilet paper to recycled brands (with the highest post-consumer recycled content obtainable)

How you meet these targets is up to your church. Refer to your support kit for ideas and information.


  • Submit your initial audit and new audit demonstrating all the reduction targets have been met.
  • Submit posters, flyers or other resources used in creating behaviour change.
  • A walk-through inspection of the church will be conducted to corroborate findings and scope further suggestions of ways to make the property more environmentally friendly.
  • Additional audits conducted every two years and demonstration of targeted continuing reductions.


Record your progress:

2016 Five Leaf Eco-Awards Full Assessment of Application Form Word version (81kB)

2016 Five Leaf Eco-Awards Full Assessment of Application Form PDF (237kB)


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