Glen waverley uniting church

Solar panels on the roof of Glen Waverley Uniting Church

In 2014 Glen Waverley installed a 30kwh solar system on their roof. They also have solar panels on one of their manses, and solar hot water on two. They have an active environment group, have engaged their congregation with carbon footprint calculators and viewings of the Story of Stuff videos, write letters for climate action and work to save water. Years ago, when An Inconvenient Truth came out, they had over 200 people attend a showing hosted by the church. At their last church fete, they had a greenhouse set up with a display of what they are doing for the environment as part of their church info booth, and found that it was the thing their local community was most interested in. Their youth and young adults have also always been passionate about the environment, and they have initiated multiple campaigns and programs. Glen Waverley have also been keen to allow their own experience and savings with their solar panels to inspire other churches, and have offered tours and access to their costings and savings figures to help other churches make the switch.

Glen Waverley UC has been recognised with the Five Leaf Eco-Awards Basic Certificate.

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