Canberra Baptist Church

Canberra Baptist Church’s Five Leaf Eco-Awards Basic Certificate makes it the first Baptist Church in Australia to earn an award from the program. Congratulations! We are very excited about this additional ecumenical step for the program and hope to have many more Baptist churches winning awards soon.

Canberra Baptist Church is home to a very successful community garden, giving people in the surrounding flats the opportunity to grow sustainable food and also providing food for an outreach to the poor. It also has bike racks at the front of the church, uses Fairtrade tea and coffee, promotes green books, has held Bible studies on environmental themes and ran a thanksgiving project which raised $13000 from the congregation and add $7000 from refunds through our photo-voltaic solar panels to support the Banishanta Union Integrated Livelihood Transformation (BUILT) Project, Bangladesh in an area that has been impacted by climate change.

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